We are developing and producing mechatronic and wiring harness related products

We provide products and services to the most demanding customers within Automotive, Defence and Aviation industries. We acknowledge and adapt to our clients’ unique requirements and believe it is through our experience, engineering excellence and extensive network we efficiently support our customers. We are the partner for your demanding needs across all market segments.

From idea to solution

Wiretronic is not only a mechatronic solutions provider. We consider our customers as partners and offer complete solutions from CAD (wiring, electrical- and mechanical) to advanced test equipment.

Bespoke electrical design

We design our products from conceptual ideas, making them bespoke for your business’s needs

High Mix – Low Volume

Wiretronic develops and produces electrical wiring harness systems. Prototypes, quick turn-around projects and low volumes are produced in our factory in Sweden. The Slovakian and the Czech Republic partner factories are intended for higher volumes.

Wiring related products like, High Voltage parts, diagnostic tools, break-out boxes and rig systems etc. are also part of the product portfolio. 

Our customers are within Automotive, Defence and Avionics industries.

Special Projects

Wiretronics’ product portfolio is constantly evolving – our customers bring ideas, concepts and requirements – we use our combined skills, experience and network to develop and produce requested products.

Using state-of-the-art development tools, applying simulation wherever efficient and using additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping, is a key to reduced lead-time. 

App Identifies Problems

A several year extensive research program within Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has led to several patents and different application areas. 

One of the areas being WireVision, a wiring harness connector identification system for development engineers and workshop mechanics. Our patented Virtual Assistant drives the technician step by step into its operation. 

A Window Into The Future

Wiretronic looks beyond the horizon, short-cuts the latest academic research findings and uses new technologies for implementation in new products to stay ahead of the competition. Recent launch of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based system is a proof of our cutting edge technologies put into industrial use.

Quality Management
Wiretronic is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015.
Wiretronic is a reliable partner to some of the most demanding automotive industry customers within Europe, USA and Asia.

How can we be of assistance?

Feel free to contact us for a discussion how we can be of best use to you and bring benefits to your products.

Do you need help finding the perfect solution for you?

We provide our services to the most demanding customers within the automotive, industrial and aviation industry. If you are interested in a custom solutions or have questions about our services, let us know.

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