In the middle of the technology hub

Wiretronic is a rapidly growing company, situated in Vänersborg, just on the south tip of lake Vänern and in Gothenburg, on the Swedish west coast. Our German office is in close vicinity to Stuttgart, the automotive centre in Germany. We specialise in developing and producing electronics, mechatronics, connector solutions and cable harnesses (prototypes, special tools and accessories mainly for aftersales) for the automotive and aviation industries.  

Owing to the excellence and long experience of our engineers, we move fast from diagnoses to solutions.

In the middle of the technology hub

Wiretronic is located in west-Sweden, close to the European automotive centre of Gothenburg and in Esslingen, in the close vicinity of Stuttgart. Due to our location, we have access to the main automotive component suppliers. Excellent transport and commuting opportunities support employment of educated and experienced engineers from nearby located Universities.


Strong Network

One of our main strengths is our well-established network within the automotive industry. This enables us to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs as well as to deliver products on time. We believe it is due to our good relations based on trust, know-how and quality, we have some of the worlds’ most prominent car manufacturers as our clients.


In-house facilities

At the Vänersborg head-quarter, we have engineers, technicians, machinery and production facilities to meet any request and can rapidly respond with prototypes and design ideas. Serial production are carried out in partner factories in Czech republic and Slovakia.

Contact Information

Anders Danielsson KAM Sales Manager

Anders Danielsson

Vice President, Cables and adapters

Mobile: +46 705 36 06 53

Fredrik Magnusson Sales KAM

Fredrik Magnusson

Senior Application Specialist

Mobile: +46 704 41 51 25

Patrik Karlsson Sales KAM

Patrik Karlsson

Key Account Manager

Mobile: +46 708 190 201

Per Löfquist Sales KAM Head of Development

Per Löfquist


Mobile: +46 705 27 52 08

Frederic Pesme

Military Advisor


Charles-Henri Garih

Sales Germany / France

Tel DE : +49 1721 63 50 53
Tel FR : +33 6 14 70 09 66

Do you need help finding the perfect solution for you?

We provide our services to the most demanding customers within the automotive, industrial and aviation industry. If you are interested in a custom solutions or have questions about our services, let us know.

Give us a call: +46 521 12900​
Send an email to: info@wiretronic.com​