Chalmers Solar Team

Chalmers Solar Team – It all started with a course in product development – now it´s a non-profit, student driven project.

One of the reasons why this project started was to encourage students to work with environmental and sustainable technology. However, this project will also provide a unique opportunity to develop real-life experiences in business and engineering. We believe this will help our members to grow as individuals, professionals and as engineering students.

The team consists of one team leader and five subgroups which contains a total of 20 team members. The five sub-teams all have a different responsibility.

Wiretronic are a proud sponsor of the Chalmers Solar Team.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a race for universities from all around the world where they compete with their solar-driven cars. Each team develops a solar car that must be able to drive 3000 kilometres, north to south, coast to coast, Darwin to Adelaide. All this accomplished with only the power of the sun. It’s an old and well know university race, started in Australia 1987.

Chalmers Solar Team join the Bridgestone Solar Challenge Australia competition in 2019, a 3000 km long distance race from Darwin to Adelaide. The team reached the goal to go all the way to Adelaide. Apart from the steep learning curve, it was a memory for life

After returning from Australia, a new group of interested students was formed to design and build a more competitive solar car based on the experience gained at the previous race. The result is the vehicle used for the 2021 race.

Wiretronic played a central role providing engineering support and parts, all design decisions were taken by the team members. 

During the vehicle build process, Wiretronic provided best engineering practice in terms of manufacturing of the electrical wiring harnesses used for connecting solar panels and high voltage equipment.
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2021 was cancelled.

Belgium and Morocco became the races for the team to participate in when the Australian event was cancelled. The two races have just been finished and the team have made improvements and fine-tuned the vehicle to be at the top level of the competing universities.

The Chalmers Solar Team says:    

A big thanks to our friends and sponsors at Wiretronic AB!

They have supported us with automotive grade connectors, wires & tools, as well as expert knowledge and support.

Wiretronic is a team of 40 located in Sweden and abroad with deep knowledge in wiring harness developing and test equipment. Finding suitable connectors and terminals are their strength, as well as their impressive stock and inventory list.

Wiretronic comments:

“For Wiretronic, the Chalmers Solar Team is the perfect project to support, hungry and curious students with a tough task at hand.

We are proud and impressed of this year’s edition of Chalmers Solar Team and wish them luck in Morocco!”

– Patrik Karlsson, KAM, Wiretronic

Line up in Darwin, Chalmers Solar Team in first position.
Line up in Darwin, Chalmers Solar Team in first position.

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