Wiretronic expands to Germany

esslingnen village

After almost 9 years from start of business, Wiretronic expand into Germany, the Mecca of automotive manufacturing.
A company in Esslingen, just outside Stuttgart has been acquired and will serve as our bridgehead into the German marketplace.

After having established Wiretronic on the Swedish marketplace, it is time to expand our business venture into Germany and be present in the automotive region close to Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and next to the vast supply chain of companies providing services and parts.

The office in Esslingen will initially be acting as a sales office for the DACH region, Benelux and France. Wiretronic portfolio of products will be marketed and products currently with the acquired company will be integrated in our common offering. The CEO for the acquired company will be on the Wiretronic management team to ensure an efficient integration. The UK marketplace will, for the time being, be managed from Sweden.

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