WireVision – The tool for workshop repair of connectors to production standard

We provide products and services to the most demanding customers within Automotive, Defence and Aviation industry. We acknowledge and adapt to our clients’ unique requirements and believe it is through our experience, engineering excellence and extensive network we efficiently support our customers. We are the partner for your demanding needs across all market segments.

App Identifies Problems

A several year extensive research program within Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has led to several patents and different application areas. 

One of the areas being WireVision, a patented wiring harness connector identification system for development engineers and workshop mechanics. Our patented Virtual Assistant drives the technician step by step into its operation. 

Based on recognition, the mechanic instantly receive connector- and part number information, dismantling instruction via a video stream, repair tool guidance and purchase of replacement parts. 

The application drives increased workshop repair efficiency by providing repair method, spare part guidance and purchase of refill parts in the App. 

System benefits

  • Workshop repair made to production standard!
  • Strong vehicle up-time driver!
  • Reduced training requirements of workshop technician
  • All inclusive for professional repair!
  • Connector with fly-lead and pre-crimped terminal identified – Only ONE crimping tool required.
  • Technician guided to use correct x-traction tool.  (to prevent damage to connector and terminal).
  • Instruction movie describes how to unlock secondary locking, mechanism and parts to be used for repair.
  • No electrical drawings, binders or diagnostic system required for repair  – all you need is your phone or tablet.
  • Instant access to always updated connector database with  reliable information and parts for instant repair. 
  • Kanban system for ordering of parts and consumables.

Special Projects

Wiretronics’ product portfolio is constantly evolving and is a result of several special projects – our customers bring ideas, concepts and requirements – we use our combines skills, experience and network to develop and produce requested products.

We are constantly being challenged to meet quality, cost and timing aspects, as industrial project development time is decreased. 

Using state-of-the-art development tools, apply simulation wherever efficient and using additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping, is a key to reduced lead-time. 

The friendly spirit of cooperation and our view to see the customer as our partner is the key to solve any critical issue emerging during the project.

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