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Whether you are within Automotive, Defense or Aviation industry, or even racing, Wiretronic offers you fast and flexible tailor-made solutions. Thanks to our well-established relations with major component suppliers combined with our network of highly skilled craftsmen, mechanics- and electronics manufacturer gives Wiretronic the edge to bring you solutions and products faster than any of our competitors on the market, to our knowledge.

Break-Out-Boxes (BOB) for automotive workshops

For each relevant Electronic Control Modules (ECU) in a vehicle, an adapter cable is designed to support the technician when carrying out adequate fault identification and advanced repair work. This method is used when traditional OBD II diagnostic fails to identify an error. The BOB

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Adapter cables

Wiretronic develop and produce adapter cables in large quantities for a large number of Electronic Control Modules (ECU’s) to OEM workshops world wide. The adapter cable is inserted in between the wiring harness and the ECU. The adapter cable is frequently used in conjunction with

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HV prototype and low volume parts

HV products are in increasing demands from the automotive industry due to transformation from fossil fuel vehicle to electric propulsion. To be able to service and maintain electric vehicles, a new generation of tools are required in workshops. The tools to be used in electric

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3D printed connectors and prototypes

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Wiretronic provide 3D added manufacturing for certain parts when past last time buy or not available on the market. Parts required in small volumes not able to

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Cable production to military standard

Defence customers require design and production support to meet project demands. Wiretronic is a ‘High mix – Low volume’ producer well suited to meet cable production demands for defence customers. Wiretronic has facilities and trained staff with relevant documented skills for production of cables to

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Break-Out-Box (BOB) for automotive and defence use

Break-out-boxes are common in the industry and designed and configured for different purposes. Traditionally, in automotive workshops, voltage measurement is the predominant use of BOBs. Within research and development departments or ‘flying doctors’, BOBs for current measurements are frequently used. Wiretronic have designed and produced

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Service and maintenance platform

A major international manufacturer of forest and garden products required a facility to test and maintain several generations of robotic lawn mowers in one test bed. Wiretronic devised a workbench top with built-in capability to test all generations of robotic lawn mowers ever produced. The

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Simulators for automotive and defence industries

Automotive and defence products manufacturers with demands for component and systems testing require support for design and simulator manufacturing. Wiretronic use its wide knowledge and procurement channels for automotive and defence related connectors, terminals and cables to produce one-off simulators or test rigs in large

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Electrical distribution Systems (EDS)

A new OEM emerges in the marketplace, with an ambition to serve the market versatile electric vehicles. After the first prototypes were built, the customer searched for a partner with engineering competence, capacity to build wiring harness systems for serial production and provide technical support.

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Electronic Filtering Unit

An international producer of defence equipment identified in an ongoing project the need for an apparatus filtering signals between units. The customer was short on resources and available packaging space challenged design engineers to meet electrical-, mechanical- and environmental requirements. Wiretronic was awarded development, product

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Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD)

A large vehicle manufacturer identified, at the end of a vehicle development program, the urgent need for a safety integrity device protecting the electric motors, vehicle passengers and road users against potential malfunction with hazardous implications. Wiretronic was awarded development and serial production of the

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